Travel diary: Ireland Part 2


As I promised some time ago, here is Part 2 of my Ireland travel diary:

  • One of my highlights was Muckross House, Gardens and Traditional Farms. This sight is a bit outside from Killarney, one of my favourite irish towns . You can have a guided tour inside the nineteenth century Victorian mansion. We had a good guide who told us very passionate a lot about the history of this amazing building. After that we were walking through the big garden area around the house. The mansion is close to Muckross lake, one of three lakes in this area. On a warm day you can enjoy a great day in the garden area and you only pay if you want to see the house and the traditional farms, but not for the garden area. The traditional farms are on a big area and you can see old but still furnished houses and how the people lived many years ago. Muckross is really something special in my opinion because it offers so many different possibilites for spending your day there.

  • Another breath-taking place are the Cliffs of Moher. The feeling when you stand close to the cliffs is so incredibly amazing. But the worst thing is that you cannot really save this feeling on a picture because you have to stand there to feel the magic of this place.


  • A very religious place is Clonmacnoise, it is an Early-Christian site near the town Athlone. But even when you are not very religious it is really interesting to see the historical ruins of a cathedral, seven churches, and much more. At first you see an audivisual show and then you can go outside to see all of the ruins and the many graves at this place. There is also the possibility to get a guided tour, which is really good to get more informations about Clonmacnoise and its importance. 
  • Our last stop was at Malahide Castle. It is one of the oldest castles in Ireland and was the home of the Talbot family. The castle was very important for the medieval irish history. You get a guided tour through the old masonry where you get shown the impressive rooms who once were owned by a very rich english family. There is also a big garden area connected and you can visit a part for free, the other part is already included in the ticket for the Castle.

Visiting Ireland was a very unique thing for me because of the many great experiences that I made. It is such a beautiful, green country who offers something for everyone. I will for sure visit this country many times more (:

Have you been to Ireland yet? What is your favourite place there?

Yours, Nina

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